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Partnership with IOC Provides for Children in Jalalabad
The poverty of families in Afghanistan is often compounded when a parent dies. The nature of Afghan society labels a child an orphan if that child has lost his or her father. Often, mothers do not have the education or resources to care for their children on their own. Through our partnership with International Orphan Care (IOC), ASA is sponsoring ten orphan children to attend Mir Mohammad Yusif Vocational School (MMYVS).

Students attend public school in the morning, then come straight to MMYVS. Due to budget cuts, the school no longer provides lunch, so most of these impoverished students make do with some bread brought from home. At MMYVS they improve their English and Math skills and learn a vocational skill. Students who complete two books in English can begin learning Computers. The hope is that with this knowledge, these students can break the cycle of poverty.

Below are descriptions of the five girls and five boys ASA has been able to sponsor for the past six months, through the generous support of our donors. We hope to continue and even expand this support in the coming year.

Please consider making a one time or recurring donation to support this ongoing program.


Sponsored Children: The Girls

Name: Alia Mohammad Azam
Age: 8 (born in 2003)

Her story: Alia is in second grade, living with her mother, uncle, one brother and two sisters in Jalalabad City. Her father was killed in 2008 while working with the Afghan military in Laghman province. Neither Alia’s mother nor uncle have any education, and the family is very poor. Alia is learning English and tailoring at MMYVS.
      Name: Palwesha Ahmad Shah
Age: 10 (born in 2001)

Her story: Palwesha’s father left for Iran five years ago to look for a job, and has not been heard from for two years. Palwesha’s mother has no education, making it difficult for her to provide for Palwesha and her three brothers and four sisters. With no male guardian the family is extremely poor. With financial aid, Palwesha is able to attend 5th grade. She is currently learning English and tailoring at MMYVS.

Name: Rugyya Ahmad Shah
Age: 12 (born in 1999)

Her story: Rugyya is the older sister of Palwesha (above). With no male guardian, their family struggles even more than most. Poverty is especially hard on Rugyya, who suffers from diabetes insipidus, which requires medication. IOC provides funding to Rugyya’s family to get her the medication she needs. She is currently in 6th grade in public school and learning English and tailoring at MMYVS.

Name: Saheda Hazrat Tuhib
Age: 13 (born in 1998)

Her story: Saheda’s father died in a car accident six years ago. She lives with her paternal uncle (now step-father), mother, and six siblings. Though her uncle works as a truck driver, the family remains poor. Saheda is currently attending 5th grade and learning English and tailoring at MMYVS.

Name: Shazia Muhammad Arif
Age: 14 (born in 1996)

Her story: Shazia’s father died in a traffic accident six years ago, leaving her mother to care for Shazia and her two brothers and six sisters. In addition to struggling with poverty, Shazia is in poor health due to a kidney disorder. Shazia is learning English and tailoring at MMYVS.

Sponsored Children: The Boys

Name: Habib Rahman Remazan
Age: 12 (born in 1999)

His story: Habib’s father was killed in a dispute over land distribution six years ago. Now he and his six brothers and two sisters live with an uncle. The salary Habib’s uncle earns as a bus driver is not enough to support the family. Despite hardship, Habib is currently a high achiever in the 6th grade and is learning Carpentry at MMYVS.
      Name: Hamed Ameen Jan
Age: 10 (born in 2001)

His story: Five years ago, Hamed’s home was attacked, his mother killed and his father injured. Two years later, Hamed’s father remarried, leaving Hamed and his ten siblings with their maternal uncle in Jalalabad. Hamed’s family is poor, but he is in good health. He currently attends 4th grade in public school and learning English and tailoring at MMYVS

Name: Haleem Hakeem
Age: 15 (born in 1995)

His story: Haleem was born in Pakistan. Ten years ago, his father died. Two years later, Haleem, his six brothers and two sisters returned to Afghanistan. Haleem now lives with his eldest brother, who works alongside three more of Haleem’s brothers making bricks to support the family. Although Haleem’s health is not good, he is lucky: with sponsorship, he is able to walk from his village of Sorkhroad to Jalalabad for school, instead of making bricks. Haleem is learning English and carpentry at MMYVS

For more insight about brick making in Sorkhroad, check out this article. Although it was written in 2007, it is unfortunately still applicable to the lives of children like Haleem.

Name: Kamran Malang
Age: 14 (born in 1997)

His story: Kamran was born in Pakistan but moved to Afghanistan eight years ago. Two years later, Kamran’s father was killed by a cousin, leaving Kamran and his four brothers and five sisters. One of Kamran’s brothers tries to support the family financially with his earnings as a Reksha driver. Currently, Kamran is learning Tailoring and English at Mir Mohammad Yusif Vocational School.

Name: Mirwaise Shamshir Khan
Age: 12 (born in 1999)

Hir story: Mirwaise comes from a family of eight brothers and five sisters. His father was a police officer, but died of illness four years ago. Mirwaise is taken care of by his mother and one of his brothers. Although their economic situation has been described as “critical”, Mirwaise is a high achiever in his 6th grade class. He is learning carpentry and English at MMYVS.

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