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Malalai Anaa Center for Women and School for Girls
We have exceeded our fundraising goal! The well is in place at the Malalai Anaa Center for Women and School for Girls.

Check back for updates on how the additional funds are used to purchase supplies for the women and children of Hutal village.

In 2011, the women of Maiwand district in Kandahar province came together and bravely requested a girl’s school and place for the women to gather and learn vocational skills. With the literacy rate for females in Kandahar currently below 7%, the Malalai Anaa Center for Women and School for Girls, created in a refurbished building in Hutal village, was badly needed. One thing the center currently lacks is a water pump. With access to water at the center, vulnerable women will find it easier to justify going there, and many young girls will avoid spending hours in search of this precious resource.

There is hope that with education comes empowerment, and the women will have a chance to better themselves, the lives of their children, and provide a moderating influence on the men of the region. The women want this with all their hearts, but they need help to get there.

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The water tap in the courtyard of the Malalai Anaa Center for Women and School for Girls

The water holding tank on the top of the Malalai Anaa Center

Clean water, easily accessible!

A faucet and sink for the women and girls

Shukria, a ten year old girl in a small village in Maiwand, dreams of learning English and becoming a doctor—a dream that sometimes seems all but impossible for her to realize. Given the opportunity, Shukria would eagerly join U.S. staff and the Army medic on visits to see other women so she could listen to a heartbeat through the stethoscope and to see the eardrum through the ear scope. As soon as she received Shukria a book to learn to read Pashto—her native language—she immediately leaned against a dirt wall and completed three lessons.

But Shukria could not always join the Army medical team because it is her job to fetch the water for her family. With no help from her thirteen siblings, her step-father, or his three wives, Shukria carries all the water—boys do not do this work, it is seen as a girl’s job. Like other girls of Hutal village, Shukria has to lug plastic jugs of water over a mile each way to and from a water pump in the next village. Her thin dress and pants are often soaked through to her skin, and her hands are deeply callused and scarred.

Shukria’s step-father would allow her to attend school if she could also complete her chore of bringing water. But how is she to do both? A water pump at the Malalai Anaa Center for Women and School for Girls would allow Shukria to collect the family’s water when she comes to her lessons. With a pump in the village Shukria will have time to start learning Pashto—the first step toward her dream of becoming a doctor. 

Shukria's story is not atypical. The women and girls of Hutal village, like Shukria, have dreams of education and better lives. Where literacy is below 7%, they ask for a school and they ask for a water pump. The mothers of the region risked their lives to meet with U.S. representatives to make these requests. The women and girls ache for a better future and something we take for granted: running water. With this key addition to the Malalai Anaa Center, ASA will help Shukria and the other women and girls of Hutal village by easing their burden and providing them with the time and opportunity to make the first steps toward their goals.

Thank You To All the Supporters Who Made This Possible
On October 13th, guests gathered to listen to Cynthia Hogle discuss her experiences working with the women and girls of Hutal Village in Kandahar Province. ASA is happy to announce that this private fundraising event raised over $1400 to support the Malalai Anaa Center for Women and School for Girls in Hutal. Donations came from ticket sales and direct donations at the event as well as profit from silent auction items (please note, some items were generous donations from Khyber Pass Gallery, others were purchased from the kind of Afghan small businesses, often run by women, that ASA supports).

The entire fundraising campaign has brought in over $6600 for the Malalai Anaa Center, exceeding our goal and putting us in the position to provide more than just a water pump for the women and girls of Hutal. Check back on here or on Facebook for updates, we’ll let everyone know what additional use we find for the funds!

Thanks again to everyone who came out to support ASA and International Orphan Care (IOC)'s joint fundraising efforts benefiting the Malalai Anaa Center.

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