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Clothing Distribution Reaches Those Most in Need
The Gereshk Valley in Helmand province is a difficult region for ASA and other nonprofits to access. The U.S. Marine Corps made it possible for your donations to reach some of Afghanistan’s most disadvantaged. We thought our supporters would like to hear about this successful distribution in Major Thomas Espinosa’s own words:
My civil affairs team supported 3rd Battalion, 4th Marine Regiment in the Upper Gereshk Valley (UGV), Helmand Province. Coalition forces just arrived in the area and the locals were unsure of the Marines’ intentions. Although a District Stabilization Team was located at the Gereshk District Center, no resources were dedicated to the UGV. Many of the locals were extremely poor and lacked food, clothing, medical care and other services. There were no schools in the area. My team was the first civil affairs team to operate in the area and engage with the locals. 
The donations provided by American Support for Afghanistan were distributed to 150–200 local Afghans living in Regi Village, Hydarabad Village and Jaleel Karez.  The locals at Regi Village received shoes, toys, and food from the Marines. One family, which consisted of 10 children, received 10 pairs of shoes. Children as well as adults received donations. The Marines conducted three distributions at Hydarabad Village (shoes, food, and toys) including a distribution prior to Ramadan. The locals of Jaleel Karez received limited donations due to insurgent intimidation. There was a small child, Esa Mohammed, who suffered burns due to an accident who received toys and clothes after receiving medical care.

The donations were greatly appreciated by the locals as they would not have received support otherwise. The donations also help develop a positive relationship between the locals and the Marines and complemented Marine Corps projects. The positive rapport that was developed was the first step in bringing development and a better quality of life to the locals. Without your donations, it would have been impossible.
Thank you.
                                        ~Maj. Thomas Espinosa

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