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August 2007:  American Support for Afghanistan began collaborating with Khorasan Orphanage to help care for children in Afghanistan. Khorasan is a small charity in Kabul that cares for children whose parents are either dead or who have no means of looking after them. In addition to facing life without their loved ones or basic necessities, these children are also deprived of knowledge and education and the most basic fun other children of their age enjoy on a daily basis. ASA is determined to assist them in the best possible way by raising funds to provide for their basic needs so as to enhance their lives and empower them as individuals. ASA is currently sponsoring four orphans under Khorasan care. This joint effort is providing the children with food, medical, and educational needs for one year. Under Khorasan’s care, the children are encouraged to learn as much as they can and explore new ideas so that they can develop the confidence needed to achieve their dreams. Their education would be fruitless if they did not have proper nutrition and healthcare as well. Khorasan ensures that each child is provided a well-balanced diet and given medical attention, including vaccinations. ASA will continue to collaborate with the orphanage to sponsor more children in need. This project and the children in Afghanistan could greatly use your support. A donation of $50 per month or $600 per year will provide one child with the care and support they need to succeed in life. You will be provided with a photo and updates of your sponsored child on a regular basis, so you can see how your contribution is making a difference.

If you are interested in making a contribution to this program, please contact us through our website or call (805) 455-4066.

Saamea Gul Naeem originally from Kapisa and now living in Kabul, Darulaman: She is 6 years old and studies in the first grade in Mohmoodi School. She just started school after we decided to help her. She has one sister and two brothers and all are illiterate. Her sister is at home but her brothers work outside the house (usually looking for work). Her mother works as a day laborer in some houses washing clothes. Her father has been killed due to personal matters.

Negina Mohamad Nameem from Kabul now living in Char Qala: She is 9 years old, studying in 3rd grade in Zarghoona School. Her father died of cancer and now her mother is unable to provide for her and her two little brothers. She is interested in becomming a teacher and she loves Farsi as a subject. She is also very interested in the current news and would like to know what is happening in the world.

Arezo Muhamad Rasul Faryabl now living in Naw Abad, Qala Musa, Kabul: She is 13 years old and studies in 5th grade in an NGO school called Children Affected by War. She has a brother who is also a student, her mother is illiterate and her father died 13 years ago. Arezo's father is in fact lost.  They believe he was killed during the war but they never saw the body. The mother is currently working as a contractor for Sadudin Ansari School for 2500 Afghan per month salary ($53). During the years of war they did not leave Afghanistan.  Their uncle has mainly taken care of them in the past few years.  He is unmarried and therefore, could support them.  But now he is supporting his other nephews and nieces in Faryab who have also lost their father. Arezo wants to be a doctor.  She enjoys studying science and math.

Amena Said Khuda Daad originally from Parwan and now living in Kabul, the old city: She is 13 years old, studying in 6th grade at Ariana School.  She has two sisters both older than her, and are illiterate, and sometimes they weave rugs. She also has two older brothers that are also illiterate and survive with day labor jobs. Amena’s father was killed 9 years ago during the Taliban war. Her mother cleans houses to support her family. Amena is interested to become a doctor and enjoys her science classes as well as Farsi (Dari)
January 2007In a joint effort with Wheelchair Foundation, American Support for Afghanistan donated 560 wheelchairs to Afghanistan, a country torn by war and littered with landmines.

May 2005American Support for Afghanistan along with Dar Maghreb Restaurant hosted a night of dinner and entertainment in Hollywood, California.

February 2005On Saturday, February 19th 2005, American Support for Afghanistan will be hosting a fundraiser featuring the Afghan Fusion Ensemble SAAZ. This event will also include a raffle and a catered reception in the adjoining lounge.

July 2003: Traveled to Afghanistan to distribute valuable educational supplies to Afghan schools and donate much needed healthcare medications to Afghan hospitals.

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