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  January 2011:   In partnership with the U.S. Marine Corps, American Support for Afghanistan distributed clothing, shoes, school supplies and toys to women and children of Dehmazang and Wazir Mohammed villages in Khash Rud district of Neemrose province, Afghanistan. Due to lack of security in this area, most villages do not receive much help from the Afghan government or the Coalition Forces. The items were distributed to 60 children in Dehmazang. Most children were desperate to receive something, since this village has no access to drinking water and no primary school. The destitute children of Dehmazang looked a lot older than their age, many with wrinkles. The Wasir Mohammed village was smaller than Dehmazang, with approximately 25 children and 15 women. The village was excited to have visitors and greatly appreciated the toys, school supplies and warm clothes and shoes that were distributed to them. The kids put on their hats and gloves right away, and many of the women were ecstatic about the boxes of brand new shoes they received. This distribution drive would not have been possible without our donors support. Please accept our heartfelt thanks to all who contributed to this effort.

August 2010:  American Support for Afghanistan, in partnership with the United States Armed Forces, is sponsoring a Donation Drive to provide assistance to families and children living in Neemroze.

May 2010:  Three Cups of Tea Girl's School. The Central Asia Institute (CAI), founded by Three Cups of Tea author Greg Mortenson, is dedicated to the idea that educating children, especially girls, is the key to peace and prosperity in the impoverished nation of Afghanistan. We at American Support for Afghanistan couldn't agree more.

January 2010:  American Support for Afghanistan, in partnership with the United States Armed Forces, is sponsoring a Donation Drive to provide assistance to families and children living in Nimroze.

October 2008:
American Support for Afghanistan presents a Night for the Afghan Orphans.

September 2008: American Support for Afghanistan (ASA), in partnership with NATO's International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), sponsored the 2nd Annual Winter Relief Donation Drive. Working in association with long-term partner Khorasan Orphanage in Kabul, Afghanistan, ASA distributed over 25 boxes of winter clothing, blankets and school supplies to children and families living in Afghanistan.

May 2008: ASA continues to collaborate with the Khorasan Orphange in Kabul, Afghanistan and has recently sponsored two more orphans. We are now sponsoring a total of six orphans and provide food, as well as medical and educational services for each child for one year...

August 2007American Support for Afghanistan began collaborating with Khorasan Orphanage to help care for children in Afghanistan. Khorasan is a small charity in Kabul that cares for children whose parents are either dead or who have no means of looking after them.

January 2007In a joint effort with Wheelchair Foundation, American Support for Afghanistan donated 560 wheelchairs to Afghanistan, a country torn by war and littered with landmines.

May 2005American Support for Afghanistan along with Dar Maghreb Restaurant hosted a night of dinner and entertainment in Hollywood, California.

February 2005On Saturday, February 19th 2005, American Support for Afghanistan will be hosting a fundraiser featuring the Afghan Fusion Ensemble SAAZ. This event will also include a raffle and a catered reception in the adjoining lounge.

July 2003: Traveled to Afghanistan to distribute valuable educational supplies to Afghan schools and donate much needed healthcare medications to Afghan hospitals.

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