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In healthcare services, ASA assists in reviving the preventative and public health services. According to the World Bank Afghanistan Development Data, the health status of Afghans ranks among the worst in the world. With a 70% malnutrition rate, and only 30-40% of the population able to receive basic healthcare.

ASA provides desperately needed medical instruments, medical supplies, and health education programs. These supplies range from essentials such as gloves, gauze and bandages to more specialized items in terms of surgical instruments, hospital beds, and defibrillators. Disinfectants, antiseptics, antibiotics and other pharmaceutical supplies are all in desperate need.

ASA also provides courses related to family planning and hygiene that can serve as preventative medicine for the future of Afghanistan. Most illnesses and deaths are due to preventable communicable diseases such as measles, cholera, tuberculosis, malaria, meningitis, hepatitis, typhoid, childhood respiratory infections, and diarrhea. A few low-cost interventions have high payoffs; every dollar donated will create a substantial improvement in someone's life, and may even save a life.


Afghanistan's educational system is in a state of virtual collapse, with statistics showing a gross enrollment in primary education at 38% for boys and just 3% for girls. As one of the country's immediate priorities, ASA is responding with goods and funding for school supplies, school equipment, salary assistance, and construction funding. Primarily we deliver goods that are fundamental for education from pencils and textbooks to computers and printers. Furthermore we are working towards offering education for adults including but not limited to literacy programs and vocational courses in fields ranging from computer know-how to peer counseling and business administration. The more donations we raise the more services we can offer. The long-term goal for ASA is to construct and restore schools for all to attend.

Projected Distribution Pattern  

The ravages of war devastated Afghanistan's infrastructure, breaking people away from their homes and from each other. As ASA is able to expand our services, we aim to provide assistance to build low-income homes, reconstruct houses, and provide building materials. ASA realizes how urgent these needs are for those in Afghanistan and we will work on lobbying for government subsidized housing and aid. Economic development plays a key role in helping to rebuild infrastructure. It is imperative that hospitals, schools, libraries, and homes are developed for people to function and live normally.


Thousands of people pushed outside the country during the past quarter century are now rapidly returning with the slow stability of Afghanistan. There are, however, few services for both returning refugees and the one million or so internally displaced persons (IDP's). ASA recognizes this priority to stability and aims to respond through food provisions, water, shelter, and healthcare in refugee camps. Educational services in refugee camps are a priority, as well as relocation assistance into permanent housing.


As so many families suffered loss and persecution, thousands of children became orphans. Giving these children a chance means securing a future for Afghanistan. ASA will work to establish adoption services, encourage adoptions through sponsoring a child, building orphanages, providing child counseling in orphanages to help children with the trauma of war, distribute food and nutrition, and provide clothing and education. ASA will establish a sister office in Afghanistan to oversee the management of these orphanages. We will have constant follow up evaluations with families and children to insure their safety and comfort.

With a little help from everyone, great improvements can be made.

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